Justin Trudeau sends friendly Canadian Wishes to Meghan and Harry in Canada

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex issued a press announcement today to confirm that they are spending some of their private family time in Canada. For security reasons the details of where they are staying (here) in Canada are being withheld. Meghan and Harry state that they are enjoying the warmth of the hospitality here. That is just as well as the weather this week has been cold, cold, and cold. If they are anywhere near Ottawa, we had a high yesterday in Ottawa of -15 (daytime high that is). On the positive side, this cold spell has caused the recent snowfall to freeze onto the trees and shrubs making it particularly picturesque.
Duke and Duchess of Sussex spending part of their family time in Canada Decemebr 2019

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau has sent a tweet to Meghan and Harry wishing them a quiet and blessed stay in Canada. 

Justin Trudeau sends warm wishes to Duke and Duchess of Sussex - you are among friends here!
Frozen snow on tree branches Dec 2019


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