Start of HIV Testing week Video

Prince  Harry  and Meghan have posted a video on their Instagram account today to kick off HIV testing week.

The video shows a conversation between Harry and ruby player Gareth Thomas in which Gareth talks about discovering he was HIV and the fear this brought to him due to his lack of knowledge  about the virus. He thought he had been handed a death sentence before going on to discover that he could continue to live a healthy and positive life through improved treatments.

Gareth inspires everyone infected with HIV or not to live life to the full. He adds that he needed to know what it was like to die / to think that you are dying before really knowing how to live.

The aim of the HIV testing campaign this year called Give HIV the Finger, is to encourage everyone to be tested even those who would consider themselves in non-risk groups.  The idea is to try to normalize sexual health testing, the same as going to the dentist.


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