Duchess of Sussex Celebrates SmartWorks UK Milestone

Meghan posted a congratulatory message to SmartWorks UK on her Instagram account this evening. 

The charity have dressed 200 plus clients using some of the clothing donated to them specifically as a result of the over 10,000 purchases made by the public from the Smart Set Capsule collection (see posts from September of this year). For every one item purchased, one piece was donated to Smart Works.
Meghan posts congratulations to Smart Set ref capsule collection and their continuing work

Meghan goes on in her post to thank all of those who played a part in this 'special project'. The accompanying photo shows SmartWorks women who have been styled using pieces from the capsule collection as they prepare for their job interviews. A special thank you goes to UK clothing brands John Lewis, Misha Nonoo, Marks and Spencer, and Jigsaw who sold the items.

SmartWorks CEO Kate Stephens states:

“The Smart Set has built a community of retailers, designers and customers, inspired by the vision of our Royal Patron, who are united in a mission to help each woman achieve her best. Thanks to their support, every woman who walks through our door knows that another woman cares about her and has invested in her future.”


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