Duchess of Sussex attends opening of the 2nd Luminary Bakery Cafe

The Duchess of Sussex helped to celebrate the opening of the second Luminary Bakery shop, this one located in Camden, London. 

Meghan had featured the 'original' Stoke Newington based bake shop in the September issue of U.K. Vogue (see earlier posts). She clearly has nothing but admiration for the very practical and empowering work being done by this organisation. The cakes they make look absolutely lovely and are reasonably priced - not sure their on-line deliveries extend overseas. 

Meghan attends launch of second Luminary Bakery cafe in Camden London with Telegraph reporter
Photo from Telegraph Newspaper / @sussexroyal
The UK's Daily Telegraph Newspaper printed an article today written by Bryony Gordon who is described as a friend of the Duchess and who had accompanied Meghan to this event. Bryony writes that Meghan is a "doer and not a wallower." 

It is clear from the article Meghan likes there to be a relaxed and chill atmosphere when she visits. Meghan reflects that "at the end of the day we are all just women....our lives may be different, our backgrounds, our experiences, all varied.... but it is clear that our hopes, our fears, our insecurities, the things that make us tick, those are very much the same." 

Meghan Sharing cake with ladies at Luminary Bakery 2019
From Luminary Bakery Instagram Page

It is because of this approach and mind set that the Duchess is able to truly connect with the women that she meets. She feels less than perfect and so can identify with other women from less fortunate circumstances.

I hope that Meghan will continue to show the same grounded attitude and empathy as she continues her work within the Royal Family and that she continues to champion causes of people who have had or have less fortunate life experiences.

Some of the 'team' at Luminary Bakery


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