More Details on Duke and Duchess - Visit with President Ramaphosa

News Media 24 in South Africa continues to report on the tour by Meghan and Harry. The news outlet has published additional details of the meeting between President Ramaphosa and First Lady Dr. Tshepo Motsepe which was largely private.

The following exchange is said to have occurred when the couples exchanged gifts. It seems that the President is a HUGE fan of cattle.
Duke and Duchess of Sussex talk cattle with President Pamaphosa

News Media 24 reports today:

After the duchess handed First Lady Dr. Tshepo Motsepe a copy of her cookbook, Prince Harry turned to President Ramaphosa and said, "I hear you like cattle."

The president laughed and said, "You heard about the cattle."

His Royal Highness revealed a beautifully framed photograph he’d brought as a gift for the president.

"Look at my cattle!" Cyril said, turning the frame around and showing the cameras. But that wasn’t even the best and most precious moment of their meeting.

"So I have brought you a book I wrote," he said, showing Their Royal Highnesses his published work, Cattle of the Ages: Ankole cattle in South Africa.

The book features the Ankole breed from Uganda and is an ode to the president’s father who, having to find work as a migrant work in Johannesburg, had to leave behind his herd in Venda.

In an extract of the book, the president writes, "Referred to as the 'Cattle of Kings' by the Banyankole people of Uganda, the Ankole have a special place in my heart. The photographic portraits of these splendid animals, taken by Daniel Naudé, allow us to experience their majesty and the awe they inspire.

"Once I had first set eyes on the Ankole in Uganda, I was determined – in some ways to the point of obsession – to ensure that this breed could find a new home in South Africa… I count the birth of the first Ankole calf on South African soil as one of my proudest achievements..."

"Wow," Harry said, while Meghan was genuinely taken with the gift. "How amazing," she commented. Paging through the signed copy, the president said they are "unbelievable cattle", pointing to each and every photograph.

"That’s me among the cattle!" he said on one occasion. On another, he beamed, "Look at how beautiful these cattle are. Look at their pose."

Those who met Harry and Meghan during their tour have nothing but positive things to say about them. 


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