Meghan and Harry U.K. ITV Documentary

Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, airs in the UK this Sunday at 9pm British time on the ITV Channel. Preview clips from the documentary reveal Harry and Meghan speaking candidly of their life in the media spotlight and the intense pressure that this brings.

Not unsurprisingly, Harry reflects on the media attention that his mother had and how his own press coverage constantly reminds him of what she went through. This is affecting his own mental well-being and his trust of the media in a negative way. 

Meghan speaks of how it has been a struggle to cope with the intense media attention while at the same time getting used to being a newly wed and a new mom. She reflects that not many people have asked her, knowing what she is going through, how she is doing. 

ITV documentary Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Anyone who follows the British media will know of their tendency to raise people up on a pedestal only to come along and knock that person down in often cruel ways. Anything it seems to sell a newspaper or get more clicks on their Internet pages. That is why many of us feel protective towards the couple and to Meghan in particular who seems to have been singled out for unusually harsh and at times unfair criticism. The sad thing is, there is a risk that this pressure will ruin the still young marriage. 

The on-going comparison sometimes direct and often implied by 'fans' (who the media like to hide behind) between Meghan and the Duchess of Cambridge sends a clear message 'you are not one of us'. It needs to stop.

Harry and Meghan are showing guts and determination by continuing to attend at engagements and in promoting the causes they so deeply care about, knowing that everything that they do and say, or don't do and don't say, will be subject to such intense scrutiny. I wonder why the "Palace" aren't doing more to ease the situation?


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