Collaboration of the Red Heads - Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran

Harry and Meghan have posted a short video teaser on their Instagram account today (since viewed by over 3 million people) showing singer Ed Sheeran ringing a door bell to a house. The doorbell plays God Save the Queen. The door is opened by none other than Prince Harry who invites Ed (and his camera) inside. 

The teaser tells us to look out for a further post, tomorrow, October 10th 2019 which is World Mental Health Day. This years theme is Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention.

Ed has spoken of the anxiety that he suffers which has accompanied his fame and fortune, and as we know, Prince Harry and Meghan have adopted mental health as one of their causes.  So maybe its going to be a new song? I thought no way but then on their follow up skit on October 10th Harry and Ed mention lyrics to a song as a way of getting the mental well-being message out there - so maybe? As they say, stay tuned.

Duke of Sussex and Ed Sheeran collaborate on a song? or on mental health causes?
Red Heads United
Duke of Sussex and Ed Sheeran Mental health Day 2019 red heads united
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