"Celebrating Community" - 17 Favourites Chosen

The Duke and Duchess have chosen 17 groups from favourite organisations that have been nominated by their Instagram followers. Harry and Meghan will be following these groups for the remainder of October.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex following community groups on Instagram for October 2019

Meghan and Harry requested nominations for groups people felt proud to volunteer with, ones 'which put those in need of support first.'

A review of the selected groups show that their causes cover a broad spectrum of issues and show that they are based in the U.K., Canada, Australia, the U.S.A. and in Africa. 

The work being done by these volunteer organisations includes: supporting babies and children; helping migrants and refugees; providing mental health services; therapeutic riding for children and adults with disabilities; empowering women; protecting endangered species and wildlife; assisting victims of domestic violence; providing support to children needing education; and helping street children and sex workers.

All of these groups are doing great work. One organisation is called 52 Lives. Based in the U.K., the group quite uniquely accepts nomination from anyone about people who need some sort of assistance to make their life better. Each week one person is chosen and given tangible as well as emotional support which is hoped has a transformative affect on their life. 


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