"An African Journey" - My Thoughts

Having now had the chance to watch the I.T.V. special Harry and Meghan: An African Journey here are my takeaways:

1. Journalist, Tom Bradby's, own insight into mental health re-focused the documentary. Tom spoke of having recently taken time out from work to deal with his own mental health issue. He noticed some of the same signs with Harry and Meghan and asked quite probing and personal questions of them. The documentary actually started out just reporting on their engagements and causes prior to switching over to more intimate issues. 
2. Meghan was cautious in her comments.She avoiding making statements about their engagements that might be seen as 'political'. She was more diplomatic and reserved than was Harry when laying criticism at the media, speaking only of her wish to receive 'fair' and 'truthful' reporting. Meghan as did Harry recognised that with their 'job' there is always going to be some adverse public opinion. Meghan though dislikes it when things are said about her that are knowingly untrue and when she cannot defend herself. 

3. This tour was bound to be emotionally hard for Harry. His interview with Tom during his visit to Angola revealed how much he is still affected by the death of his mother. Harry spoke of wanting to carry on his mother's legacy, wanting to make her proud and feeling that he has a lot of his mother inside him. Harry clearly sets very high standards for his work. He not only wants publicity for his causes but wants to make a real difference. His definition of success is having actually made a difference.

4. Harry was very conscious of the fact that British tax payers money pay for Royal Tours. Harry acknowledged how the public expect to get value for their money. 

5. Meghan is protective of Harry's mental health. Of the two she comes across as more mentally resilient. Given how his mother's life was affected by the media, Harry is in turn extremely protective of Meghan and Archie, "knowing what he knows about the past, he does not want the past to repeat itself".

6. The rift between William and Harry …. not sure.. Harry down plays it for sure. There were notably no discussions about any rift between Meghan and Kate, probably because there never was one and this was all made up.

7. The public love Meghan and Harry. Without fail people who meet them describe them as ordinary people not afraid to give someone a smile and a hug. Tom asked Harry if he was intending to create a 'new way' of doing things in the Royal Family. Harry said there is no new way or old way. He and Meghan are just trying to be authentic.

8. The filming of the African countries visited during the tour is just beautiful. 

9. Archie is still Adorable!

Tom may have hoped that his documentary would garner insight and maybe some sympathy for Meghan and Harry. Unfortunately I don't think it will change people's opinions. It used to be that I could have one opinion and you might have another and maybe we could convince each other to move a bit in our thoughts, or we would just agree to disagree. Now everyone has a clear opinion, very black and white and very polarized. We all think we are right and any alternate opinion is wrong or stupid. This is the same be it on what we think of Harry and Meghan, to Donald Trump, to Brexit etc. It is sadly just a reflection of how society is right now.


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