Duke and Duchess of Sussex in South Africa on its Heritage Day

September 24th marks Heritage Day in Cape Town and in the rest of South Africa. Meghan and Harry will participate in celebrations. 

On Heritage Day South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs, understanding that this diversity is good for the whole nation.

The day is particularly poignant for Zulus who historically celebrated Shaka Day on this same day each year. It was members of the Zulu community who lobbied parliament to add September the 24th as one of South Africa's national holidays.

Here is Cape Town today (where I happen to be  visiting) a hole host of events took place including a parade, music and live entertainment in the Victoria and Alfred Wharf area, and free access to some museums. The city was buzzing. Many people wore traditional African wear which is very bright and colourful.
Couple on route to Heritage Day Celebrations


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