Duchess of Sussex attends meeting on Domestic Violence prior to departing for Joburg

Prior to leaving Cape Town with Archie to travel to Jo burg, where she will reconnect with Harry after his tour of Malawi, Meghan attended a private event along with female leaders in the South African community to discuss violence against women.

Avoiding any overt political commentary, Meghan posted about the event on her Instagram account alluding to the fact that hoping for a better outcome to this issue in the future is not enough and that the 'only way forward was hope in action', seemingly supportive of the recent (peaceful) demonstrations by women against gender based violence that have taken place in South Africa.

Meghan acknowledged that this is not solely a South African issue but is a global one and occurs regardless of race, colour, creed or social economic background e.g. rich and poor alike are affected.
Duchess of Sussex atends forum on violence against women in Cape Town
Meghan with some other attendees at the meeting
The Duchess of Sussex has clearly been educating herself by listening to those 'on the ground'. Meghan stated that she will continue to learn, listen and absorb.

I predict that we will see her adopt this cause, as well as rights for women and girls in general, when hers and Harry's new charitable foundation, Sussex Royal, is launched.


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