Cape Town - Harry and Meghan Tour - Day One

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex set themselves a modest itinerary for day one of their tour here in Cape Town today, no doubt still recovering from the long flight from the U.K.

Per the local news coverage, Meghan and Harry visited a workshop at The Justice Desk organisation located in the Nyanga township, that teaches children about their rights, self awareness and safety. Both Meghan and Harry gave speeches, Meghan supportive of the right for women to use their voices, and Harry encouraging everyone to continue their inspiring work.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex enter District 6 museum Cape Town

Later in the day, the couple toured the District Six museum in down town Cape Town.

They followed this with a short walk about when they met and greeted residents and tourists alike, who had gathered outside of the museum and who were all very happy to see Meghan and Harry. Some talked of having travelled many hours to see the Duke and Duchess.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex go walkabout at District 6 Museum Cape Town

District Six has historical significance. In the past, District Six of Cape Town was populated by freed slaves, merchants, artists, labourers and immigrants. It housed a  melting pot of people from different cultures and religions who lived together harmoniously during the latter part of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century, before it became notorious for its mass forced removals in the 1960's under apartheid. The museum that Harry and Meghan visited today keeps the memories alive and pays tribute to former residents.
Press following Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Cape Town

Many members of the international press are following the couple. The press, at times, were to be seen literally running after Harry and Meghan down the roads with cameras ready to try and get 'the shot'  for their respective publications.


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