Meghan and Harry and Social Media - the Ugly Reality

For a while now I have been wondering whether it is time to start policing social media. This may seem extreme and a curb on our 'rights' of free speech / freedom of expression. However with rights come responsibilities. 

When we communicate electronically we all too often seem to forget our manners and diplomacy and in fact are quite often rude and abusive. We forget it is OK for other people to have a different opinion to us. We forget that some opinions are best kept in our heads and not said out loud. 

In our electronic communications we often seem to revert to animal like behaviours where anything goes. Why should we be allowed get away with saying things on social media that we would never dream of saying to someone face-to-face or in a room full of our colleagues and friends. 

We need to learn to self-regulate or else risk losing our unrestricted posting privileges. I am all for 'outing' those who troll or abuse on-line - let's have name and shame sites and maybe this will curb some of the nastiness. 


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