Followers "Forces for Change" - Results are Posted

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave their Instagram followers a chance to nominate people or organisations that they saw as Forces for Change. Over 50,000 comments / nominations from all around the world came in. Out of these 15 have now been chosen and are being followed via Meghan and Harry's account @sussexroyal for the month of August.

As a surprise to many but perhaps steering away from the ho-ha in the media over the people that Meghan chose for her September British Vogue cover, Harry and Meghan opted to showcase organisations rather than specific people. 

Meghan and Harry shining a light on lesser known organisations
Meghan and Harry state that they chose lesser known organisations "to shine a light on them" and to give them some well deserved attention. Many of these organisations have already expressed their gratitude for being chosen and are thankful for this focus on their causes. 

All of the groups chosen reflect Harry and Meghan's collective and individual interests but could equally have been picked by other members of the Royal Family.

children_ - would appeal to the Duchess of Cambridge
fwmission - would appeal to the Queen and Princess Anne
tinytickers - would appeal to the Duchess of Wessex
beescause - would appeal to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall
& the numerous groups with a focus on mental health - would appeal to Prince William.


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