Sussex's and Cambridge's - Together but Apart?

Not quite the visual message we had hoped for today at the Buckingham Palace gathering hosted by the Queen to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles's investiture as the Prince of Wales. 

There was much anticipation in advance of today's events about the reunion of the so called 'fab four' - Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex. But the body language between Prince William and Prince Harry sadly seems to support things are not happy between the two brothers. Harry seemed to be avoiding William. At one time Prince Harry appears to be admonished by his father Prince Charles. The you tube Royal Family footage also showed some awkwardness with Prince Harry and Meghan not really knowing where they should be standing - with or apart from the rest of the group. 

Duchess of Sussex gets the cold should with Prince Harry?
The Queen and Prince Charles at the 50th Anniversary of his investiture.


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