Your work IS important and gets results

Positive results after yours and Harry's visit to One25 in Bristol. The director reports receiving donations of clothing as well as money for use by the clients and an increase in the interest shown in the work that One25 does. Anna Smith, the charity's chief executive, is said to have stated that the Royal visit highlighted the work of the charity, which tries to encourage and help women trapped in street sex work to break free and build new lives away from violence, poverty and addiction.

Ms. Smith mentions that “The upsurge in interest in our work as a result of Meghan’s visit has been incredible. We’ve had our first donations from overseas. There’s been lots of interest from America, but also from other countries.” She added: “Our service users were so happy at the idea that she had visited the project.”

These are comments to take pride in. The fact that the work that you do has meaning and brings results. 

It also shows the need for you to have a symbiotic relationship with the press. Reporting about you is profitable for the media likewise the charities that you support gain from this publicity. 

One25 Bristol - Meghan and Harry visit Feb 2019


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