Meghan Markle - Duchess of Sussex - there is no need to worry about your father.

Meghan, one thing we like about you is that you seem normal. You are living a life that many dream of. Being whisked away by a Prince Charming to live an exciting life of castles, travel and an endless clothing allowance. Megan, what we also like about you is that you have a somewhat dysfunctional family. What is a ‘normal’ family anyway? So, don’t be too hard on your dad. It could be worse. Meghan, you father could be a mass murderer a serial killer or one of the forever growing number of men in positions of power accused of sexual abuse and exploitation. Meghan it could be a lot worse. Imagine if your father was Pres., Trump. Imagine having a father who for no legitimate reason takes children from their parents which is child abuse by anyone’s definition. Imagine having a father like Trump who is more concerned about being misrepresented about whether he or didn’t promise to pay his mistresses hush money than the humiliation and shame felt by his wife and one would hope by his daughter. So, Meghan do what we all do when we have a family member that’s a wee bit out of order. Send your father a Birthday Card and / or a Christmas Card when you are feeling kind. Make any face to face meetings as infrequent and as short as possible. Maybe take a leaf from Pres. Trumps’ play book and meet alone in a room with just your translators present and the world will never know what you talked about. Now your half-sister? She's a completely different story! 


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